Title: Cleaning up Thilafushi: Making the Maldives Carbon Neutral

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Report

Published: January 1, 2011

Region: South Asia

Country: Maldives

Sector: Energy and Power

Topic: Climate-Smart

Keywords: Knowledge Lab, Climate Smart


Document Summary:

This document is extracted from Handshake Issue #2: Climate.

Document Details:

Waste PPPs are gaining traction in developing countries, and the recent implementation of a waste PPP in the Maldives illustrates how far a country can come in its relationship with rubbish. Since the 2008 election, the country has been in the midst of a rapid social, political, and economic transformation. Officials and administrators aim to combat the developmental challenges of climate change, poverty reduction, private sector development, and economic restructuring, so urban infrastructure tops the priority list.

Updated: June 27, 2022