Performance-Based Contracting for Non-Revenue Water Reduction Training

This page contains materials that were presented at the Non-Revenue Water Performance-Based Contracts training held in Washington DC on March 22, 2017. These materials can be used as guidance for learning the basics of performance-based contracts in non-revenue water.

Water Balance

Presentation on IWA's water balance and Easy Calc tool.


Performance-Based Contracting Tools for Non-Revenue Water Reduction

Benefits of Reducing NRW

  1. it can significantly improve cash flow and financial viability of utilities.
  2. It enables more people to have access to water connections, and at a higher quality of service, with existing resources.
  3. it reduces greenhouse gas emissions per unit of water delivered, which promotes climate resilience.

Key Sources of NRW

  1. physical losses (think of a leaky pipe),
  2. commercial losses, and
  3. authorized consumption that is unbilled.

Despite the benefits, however, many utilities struggle