Egypt: New Cairo Wastewater

Egypt’s first public-private partnership will have a major impact on the quality of basic services in a satellite city on the outskirts of Cairo. With IFC’s help, the government has awarded a land-mark concession for a wastewater treatment facility that will improve sani- tation services in New Cairo, as well as accommodate projected population growth. The project was awarded in June 2009.

Water in Bucharest: A utility's efficiency gains under a concession

The concession of Bucharest’s water utility has brought its citizens higher-quality water services, at a lower cost, than they could have had under continued municipal provision. The credit for this goes to the leadership of the municipality and the municipal utility in the late 1990s, which saw that private finance and management were needed to reverse the cycle of poor performance.

Output-Based Aid in the Philippines: Improved Access to Water Services for Poor Households in Metro Manila

The delivery of water supply and sewerage services in the Metro Manila region is the responsibility of the govern- ment-owned Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS). Since 1997, MWSS has contracted out provision of services via two 25-year concessions based on a geographic division of the urban area: the east zone was contracted to the Manila Water Company (MWC), and the west zone to Maynilad Water Services (MWSI).

Engaging Local Private Operators in Water Supply and Sanitation Services: Initial lessons from emerging experience in Cambodia, Colombia, Paraguay, The Philippines, and Uganda

This paper examines the experience of developing local private sector participation (PSP) in small and medium-size towns in Cambodia, Colombia, Paraguay, The Philippines, and Uganda. The paper, which reviews schemes supported by the World Bank, summarizes information on the contracts and the selection process, extracts lessons learned to date from the cases, and recommends follow-up activities to address some key issues and fill gaps that were identified in the course of the study.