Renewable Energy Toolkits

In this section, you'll find links to toolkits for evaluating and setting up public-private partnerships for renewable energy.

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Toolkits for Renewable Energy

World Bank's Renewable Energy Toolkit (REToolkit)

REToolkit provides a broad set of tools to assist World Bank staff and country counterparts to improve the design and implementation of renewable energy (RE) projects, incorporate best practices and lessons learned from RE projects supported by the World Bank Group and other institutions, and is operationally oriented to address practical implementation needs at each stage in the RE project cycle. The toolkit aims to help identify and design feasible RE projects, determine appropriate promotional policies, identify sustainable business models, finance mechanisms and regulatory frameworks - and utilize the best available project tools, including technical standards and generic terms of reference.

The Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) Toolkit

Typically, a developer seeking RET project financing approaches a lender with a package that includes a fairly common slate of fundamental transaction documents. They may range from complex plans for a facility using a novel technology to simple (but important) term sheets for the deal or a loan.

G20 Toolkit for Renewable Energy Deployment: Country Options for sustainable growth based on Remap

IRENA June 2016. In October 2015, under the Turkish presidency, the G20 adopted the “Toolkit of Voluntary Options for Renewable Energy Deployment”. IRENA has been requested to co-ordinate toolkit activities, in co-operation with other international organizations. One of five focus areas of the toolkit is the development of roadmaps for renewable energy deployment in the G20. IRENA’s renewable energy roadmap (REmap) programme assesses the potential of renewable energy technology and their costs and benefits in enabling the world to double its share of renewables by the year 2030. The second edition of the global REmap was issued in March 2016. It includes renewables roadmaps for G20 member countries. This background paper summarizes the results for the G20, identifies action areas for G20 policy makers and proposes the next steps of a “REmap G20 process”.

Some examples of toolkits by countries below:


Reference: Renewable Energy Toolkit for Economic Development, Government of Alberta, May 2010 - To assist communities and especially community leaders in assessing possible projects, Alberta Treasury Board and Enterprise has developed the Renewable Energy Toolkit for Economic Development. The toolkit is a policy neutral document, designed to facilitate a better understanding of the basics of renewable energy, as well as assist communities in beginning the due diligence process, and provide basic guidance for screening various projects.


Reference: Renewable Energy Local Area Development Toolkit, Climate Parliament India network, 2017 - The Renewable Energy Local Area Development toolkit has been developed to help the legislators organize a renewable energy plan in their respective constituencies. The toolkit highlights the importance of clean and renewable energy technologies at the local level, and provides comprehensive information and details on implementing renewable energy projects.

United Kingdom

Reference: Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) Project Development Toolkit, - Local Energy Scotland 2013 - This Toolkit has been developed specifically to help community groups and rural businesses of all kinds take forward the development of renewable energy projects. It is designed to be accessible to people with different levels of understanding of the technology, project development, financial and legal issues.

Reference: United Kingdom, Wales: Local Energy Toolkit, - Online resource prepared by the Welsh Government’s Renewable Energy Support Service. The Local Energy Toolkit has been developed to help community groups take forward the development of renewable energy projects. It is designed to be accessible to people with different levels of understanding of the technology, project development, financial and legal issues. It provides guidance to community groups to develop their project from an initial concept through to construction and operation.

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Updated: May 27, 2021