Guidance Manuals for Local Governments

Below are manuals and toolkits providing guidance to sub-national and municipal governments on implementing Sub-National PPP projects:


Global: The Municipal Public-Private Partnership Framework



India: Creating an enabling environment for state projects.

Philippines: PPP Manual for Local Government Units (LGUs), Public-Private Partnership Center, 2012.

Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA): Public-Private Partnership Guide for Municipalities, CDIA June 2010.


North America

Canada: Public -Private Partnerships – A Guide for Municipalities, The Canadian Counsel for Public-Private Partnerships, 2011.


Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa: Municipal Service Delivery and PPP Guidelines, PPP Unit South Africa, National Treasury/Department of Provincial and Local Government 2007.


See Sector-Specific Information, Sample Bidding Documents and Contracts for more sector-specific standardized documentation.