Title: Singapore solar deployment

Language: English

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Nature: Website

Published: August 4, 2023

Region: South Asia

Country: Singapore

Sector: Energy and Power

Keywords: Innovative Revenues for Infrastructure, Solar power

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The official website of the JTC introduces Singapore's solar deployment.

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Solar deployment models

There are three solar deployment models that you, as the JTC lessee, may consider and choose from:

Rooftop licensing

A solar vendor will install PV panels on the premises and pay rental to you. The solar-generated energy is then exported to the national grid by the solar vendor.

Solar leasing

A solar vendor will install PV panels on the premises. The solar-generated energy is thereafter sold to you at a discounted rate, to offset your building power consumption.

Direct ownership

Under this category, you will purchase the PV panels from a solar vendor and make arrangements for the installation of the PV panels with the solar vendor. The solar energy generated is for your own consumption on the premises. Should there be any excess energy, you may also sell it to the grid.

Updated: August 8, 2023