Title: Labour Issues in Infrastructure Reform - a Toolkit - World Bank

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Topics: Tools

Keywords: Water supply and sewerage system



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Document Summary:

The primary objective of this Toolkit is to provide practical tools and information to help policymakers handle labor issues in private participation in infrastructure (PPI).

Document Details:

The Toolkit consists of seven modules: 1) Framework and overview of the entire toolkit; 2) Labor impacts of PPI; 3) Assessing the size and scope of labor restructuring; 4) Strategies and options; 5) Key elements of a labor program; 6) Engaging with stakeholders; 7) Monitoring and evaluation of labor programs. The Toolkit also contains a web-based CD-ROM with searchable documents, spreadsheets, sample terms of reference for obtaining the needed expertise to carry out various labor-related tasks, case studies, and other relevant data.

Updated: March 22, 2021