Title: India: Orissa Transmission and Bulk Supply Licence - 1997

Languages: English

Type: Document

Region: South Asia (SA)

Country: India

Sectors: Energy and Power

Topics: Procurement

Keywords: Energy and Power, Energy and Power PPPs **


Document Summary:

Licence granted by the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission under Section 15 of the Orissa Electricity Reform Act, 1995 (2 of 1996) to GRID CORPORATION OF ORISSA LIMITED, JANPATH, BHUBANESWAR - 751 022 (GRIDCO) for carrying out the business of Transmission and Bulk Supply of electrical energy within the Area of Transmission and Bulk Supply and with the powers and upon the terms and conditions specified in the licence.

Document Details:


Part I: Preliminary
1. Short Title
2. Definitions
3. Terms of Licence

Part II : General Conditions
4. Regulations
5. Restrictions
6. Subsidies Among Separate Business
7. Separate Accounts for Separate Business
8. Prohibition of Discrimination
9. Provision of Information to the Commission
10. Investment
11. Disposal of Assets
12. Payment of Fees
13. Revocation of Licence
14. Dispute Resolution
15. Indian Electricity Act, 1910 (9 of 1910) and Indian Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 (54 of 1948)

Part III : Technical Conditions
16. Power Procurement Procedure
17. Grid Code
18. Compliance with Distribution Code
19. Central Scheduling and Despatch
20. Transmission Planning and Security Standards; Power Supply Planning and Security Standards; Transmission Operating Standards; and Power Supply Operating Standards

Part IV : Tariffs
21. Basis of Charges

Part V : Connection and Use of System Conditions
22. Requirement to Offer Terms for use of System and Connection to System

Part VI : Separation of Functions and Competition Conditions
23. Separation of Functions
24. Introduction of Competition in Bulk Supply and formation of Subsidiary or Associated Grid Companies

Part VII : Penalties
25. Contravention of Licence Condition

Area of Transmission and Bulk Supply

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