Title: How To Develop Sustainable Irrigation Projects with Private Sector Participation

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Report

Published: January 1, 2016

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Sector: Water and Sanitation

Keywords: Knowledge Lab, Water, Irrigation


Document Details:

As the impact of climate change on food production for both developed and emerging economies shapes a new set of demands worldwide, there is a need to look at how water resources and irrigation can be optimized to meet the requirements of coming generations. This handbook explores one possible route: the use of public private partnerships (PPPs). PPPs have the potential to facilitate an expanded role for the private sector in irrigation, mobilize expertise in the sector, and ensure medium- to long- term sustainability. This handbook compiles some of the most useful international experiences in irrigation PPPs while offering suggestions to practitioners on strategies and approaches to better harness public and private resources.

Updated: May 22, 2024