Title: Government Cooperation with Business Entities in the Supply of Infrastructure

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In this Presidential Regulation the following definitions apply:
1. Minister/Institution Head means the leader of the ministry/institution for whom the scope, duties and responsibilities cover the infrastructure sector as regulated in this Presidential Regulation.
2. Regional Head means the governor of a provincial region, or a district head of a district region, or a mayor of a town.
3. Supply of Infrastructure means activities covering construction work to develop or improve the capacity of infrastructure and/or activities in infrastructure management and/or maintenance of infrastructure in the context of improving the benefits of infrastructure.
4. Business Entities mean private business entities in the form of limited liability company, State Enterprise (BUMN), Regional Enterprise (BUMD) and cooperative.
5. Cooperation Project means the Supply of Infrastructure conducted through a Cooperation Agreement, or the granting of an Exertion Permit by the Minister/Institution Head/Regional Head, with a Business Entity.
6. Cooperation Agreement means a written covenant for the Supply of Infrastructure between the Minister/Institution Head/Regional Head with a Business Entity determined through public auction.
7. Business Operation Permit means a permit for the Supply of Infrastructure granted by the Minister/Institution Head/Regional Head to the Business Entity determined through auction.
8. Government Support means support provided by the Minister/Institution Head/Regional Head to Business Entities in the context of implementation of a Cooperation Project based on a Cooperation Agreement.

Updated: March 28, 2021