Title: Governance of public–private partnerships

Language: English

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Published: January 1, 2007

Region: East Asia and Pacific

Country: Australia

Keywords: PPP Cycle, PPP Reference Guide, Online Guide

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Large infrastructure public–private partnerships (PPPs) in Australia have revealed significant governance problems. The aim of this research is to examine the technical-rational and social contractual issues of PPPs within the broad context of risk, and accordingly propose a governance framework. The research builds on international PPP literature to develop an analytical conceptualization. It uses document review and interviews to construct a case study of a Cross City Tunnel (CCT) toll-way in Sydney, which became operational in August 2005 and failed in December 2006. The research indicates that failure within this so-called PPP largely occurred within the technical-rational governance system due to unforeseen risks. This led to a breakdown in the social contract, through political risk. A governance system that enhances risk assessment and diminishes the likelihood of negative political behaviours is required.

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Johnston, Judy, and Siegfried P. Gudergan. 2007. “Governance of Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons learnt from an Australian case?.” International Review of Administrative Sciences 73. [#4285]

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