Title: Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF)

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Published: January 29, 2022

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The official website of the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF).

The Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF), a G20 initiative, is a global collaboration platform that integrates efforts to boost private investment in sustainable, quality infrastructure projects in developing countries and emerging markets. We enable collective action among a wide range of partners – including donors, development finance institutions, country governments, with inputs of private sector investors and financiers – to leverage resources and expertise and find solutions to build bankable pipelines of infrastructure projects that attract private financing.

Quality infrastructure drives economic growth, social progress, and climate action. Nowhere are low-carbon, climate-resilient, sustainable infrastructure needs greater than in emerging markets, where infrastructure deficits are large at best and staggering at worst.

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GIF. Accessed March 6, 2017. “Global Infrastructure Facility.” World Bank. Website. [#4504]


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Updated: June 27, 2022