Title: Executive Decree Nº 39757- 2016 - Costa Rica by which the National System of Targeted Subsidies to Drinking Water Consumption and Sanitation. “Sistema Nacional de Subsidios Focalizados , al Consumo de Agua Potable y Saneamiento” is implemented (Spanish)

Languages: Spanish

Type: Document

Published: June 30, 2016

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Country: Costa Rica

Sectors: Water and Sanitation

Keywords: Legal Framework, Water supply and sewerage system


Document Details:

Article 10 mandates the country to provide for a national system of targeted cross-subsidies for water and sanitation services and complementary services, and guarantee easy access to such services to the poor. The subsidy will be financed through the tariff paid by users not categorized as poor or as extremely poor. Likewise, the decree provides for certain rules and requirements that this system has to comply with.


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