Title: Contrato de Concesión Proyecto Irregación Chavimochic (Spanish)

Languages: Spanish

Type: Document

Published: November 15, 2013

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Country: Peru

Sectors: Water and Sanitation

Keywords: Contractual Provisions, Irrigation


Document Summary:

Concession for the design, finance, build, operation and maintenance of irrigation land.

25-year, co-financed, concession involves improving irrigation in 78,310ha in the northeastern La Libertad region through the capture and distribution of the Santa river's water.  The water resources will also be used to feed run-of-river power plants with installed capacity of 68.1MW and potable water treatment facilities able to produce around 4m3/s.  The concession is a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer where the Government of Peru auctions the land to be irrigated, the proceeds of such sale finance the construction of the irrigation infrastructure, and the private partner develops the necessary works to operate adequate irrigation services. The private partner then manages and charges for irrigation services. The term of the concession is 25 years

Updated: March 28, 2021