Title: Building a brand identity

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Published: February 5, 2022

Region: South Asia

Country: Thailand

Sector: Telecom and ICT

Keywords: Innovative Revenues for Infrastructure, Telecom and ICT

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National Telecom (NT) is crafting a niche as an infrastructure-sharing provider, seeking partnerships to develop sustainable revenue streams in the future as its spectrum-sharing contracts with three major mobile operators are slated to expire in 2025. 

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NT was established in January last year through the merger of CAT Telecom and TOT.

NT's assets comprise 25,000 telecom towers, nine routes of submarine cables, total spectrum of 600 megahertz of bandwidth on six spectrum ranges, 4,000 kilometres of cable conduits, 4 million fibre-optics cores and 13 data centres and international call services.

NT holds 20MHz of bandwidth on the 700MHz spectrum range secured through a 2020 auction by CAT Telecom, as well as 400MHz of bandwidth on the 26-gigahertz range held by TOT.

NT also wants to take on some end-user services by capitalising on its existing networks, such as the Net Pracharat fixed broadband scheme targeting remote areas.

Updated: August 8, 2023