Title: Are Public Private Partnerships Value for Money?

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Published: January 1, 2005

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Determining value for money for a PPP is an area in which, despite strong criticisms by a number of academic writers of the methods used by practitioners to evaluate value for money, surprisingly little engagement has taken place between the practitioners and the academics on the issues involved. This paper attempts to provide such an engagement. At the same time, because many of the academic critiques focus on the situation in one country (particularly the UK or Australia), we try to put matters into a broader, comparative context by considering approaches to value for money tests in a number of countries. Our examination is thus comparative in the sense of considering value for money tests in different countries, while also comparing the views of academics and practitioners.

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Grimsey, Darrin, and Mervyn K. Lewis. 2005. “Are Public Private Partnerships value for money?: Evaluating alternative approaches and comparing academic and practitioner views.” Accounting Forum 29(4) 345-378. [#2297]

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