Title: APMG PPP Certification Program Guide

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Published: February 25, 2022

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The PPP Certification Program Guide, referred to as the PPP Guide is the Body of Knowledge (BoK) on public-private partnerships (PPPs), will help public officials and their advisors implement efficient, sustainable PPPs.  The PPP Guide is part of the family of CP3P credentials that, once mastered, enable PPP practitioners to achieve the title “Certified PPP Professional” under the auspices of the APMG PPP Certification Program. 

The primary focus of the PPP Guide is on emerging markets and developing economies, but much of it is also relevant to developed economies. Developed economies are at varying levels of maturity in their use of PPPs and may have become dependent on practices that have been tailored to their situations over time. They may benefit from knowledge of good practices that have evolved more recently in emerging markets and developing economies.

The PPP Guide focuses specifically on privately-financed PPPs because these are often more complex and challenging than PPPs that lack private finance.  Despite the focus on privately-financed PPPs, much of the content here also reflects good practice for other PPP models.

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APMG-PPP. Accessed March 19, 2017. “APMG Public-Private Partnerships Certification Program website.” APMG- International. Website. [#3216]

Chapter 1 Section 2 of the PPP Certification Guide discusses the definition of PPPs and the variety in interpretation that exists.


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Updated: June 27, 2022