Guidance for Countries in Assessing ERC Projects (Download PDF version) - coming soon!

Through the establishment of an Emission Reduction Program (ERP), the World Bank aims to help developing countries to engage strategically with evolving global ERC markets, support efforts to generate ERCs to sell into these global markets, and mobilize finance for such transactions. 

The ERP includes two main workstreams.  Workstream One is focused on ERC market development, by providing governments with access to knowledge and technical assistance. Workstream Two is targeted at supporting ERC generation in participating countries. 

Sydney Airport 2021 Response to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

During 2021, the FSB Board oversaw climate risk management and its potential to influence and inform corporate strategy and decision making. The Board is supported by the Safety, Security and Sustainability Committee (SSS) which met quarterly this year. This Board Committee has oversight of environmental and sustainability matters. The SSS Charter outlines its roles and responsibilities and includes climate change. The SSS receives briefings on the outcomes of the climate risk assessment and adaptation planning.

ACI Resolution 3/2018 on resilience and adaptation to climate change

Most airport infrastructure was designed and constructed in the era when climate variation was not appreciated as it is today, and adaptive measures were not readily available. However, with more studies presenting financial and economic benefits from introducing preventive measures compared to reactive response post-impact, ACI recommends that airports consider:

Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Officer Handbook

GCA has developed the Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Officer Handbook (CRIO Handbook) with support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands and in close partnership with the World Bank Group (WBG), the African Development Bank (AfDB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) of the WBG, and UNOPS.