Examples of Policies of International Contractors Promoting SMEs

It should be noted that many large international contractors will also have a diversity or inclusion policy that includes use of SMEs where possible. Some samples of such policies are below.

Skanska Sustainable Procurement: In this document, Skanka implements procurement policies that comply with their corporate values, such as care for life and ethics and transparency. The structure requires the Swedish construction firm to practice ‘ equal and diverse procurement’ that includes SMEs, ethnic minority businesses, and suppliers from other under-represented or protected groups.

Supplier Guide: Executing Work with Bechtel 2017: The ‘supplier diversity goal’ of US firm Bechtel, as explained in its guide, encourages maximizing opportunities for companies near the site of the project as well small and disadvantaged businesses.

Supplier Diversity Policy (Fluor): This proactive business initiative seeks to expand the opportunities offered to Diverse Suppliers, building upon their combined strengths to drive mutual success.

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Updated: October 18, 2020