The Global PPP Forum: Summaries and Notes

Find summary discussions and practice notes on PPPs, Infrastructure and Guarantees below or visit Covid-19 and PPP Resources section of the PPPLRC to find more. For live discussions on PPPs and Infrastructure topics, login to  Café PPP and Frontline Insights.

PPP Legal Framework Practice Note: Post-Covid-19
This Practice Note aims to provide the basis for further discussion regarding the core content of such PPP legal… more
COVID-19 and Public-Private Partnerships Practice…
Note 1 Assessing Operational PPP Portfolios This note discusses key operational considerations when trying to maintain… more
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Water and…
The pandemic has heightened awareness of both the extent and consequences of this access gap, and it could slow down… more
COVID-19’s Impact on Sub-National Governments
SNGs in emerging markets face significant challenges brought on by the pandemic, for example, significantly less use of… more
COVID-19’s Impact on the Global…
Because of the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic, people across the globe rely on technology for… more
ADB: Covid-19 and PPPs in Asia and the Pacific…
The guidance note looks at these impacts as well as the implications for contractual arrangements. It also presents… more
Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI)… COVID-19’s global impact on infrastructure was widespread and swift. Investment commitments in infrastructure with… more