PPP Legal Frameworks Post Covid-19

PPP Legal Frameworks Post Covid-19

To remedy impacts of the current COVID-19 crisis on PPP programs and projects, governments are analyzing possible actions to stabilize markets and prevent project failures. In most cases, these measures have been ad hoc and of temporary nature such as modifying and/or suspending relevant PPP contract provisions.  What are the long-term implications of the current pandemic and possible similar future crises on legal frameworks for PPP?

In discussion with PPP practitioners, this webinar will explore how lessons learned through the COVID-19 crisis, as well as increasing public awareness of and demand for more sustainable, resilient and inclusive PPPs may inform adaptation of bespoke provisions in PPP legal frameworks. The webinar will also challenge our current thinking on enabling practical and commercially sensible solutions for the public and private sector.

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Helga van Peer Richard Abadie Manual Vieira Manual Vieira
Partner - Head of Global Public Law and Co-Lead Belgian Projects Group Allen & Overy LLP Partner and Global Head Capital Projects and Infrastructure PwC’s Global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Group Legal Advisor/Deputy Director, Technical Support Unit for PPP Projects
Ministry of Finance, Portugal
Principal Adviser
European PPP Expertise Centre

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Updated: June 23, 2022