Title: Zambia: Public Procurement Act 2008

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Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Zambia

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Public Procurement Act (2008)

No. 12 of 2008:

An Act to continue the existence of the Zambia National Tender Board and re-name it as the Zambia Public Procurement Authority; revise the law relating to procurement so as to ensure transparency and accountability in public procurement; regulate and control practices relating to public procurement in order to promote the integrity of, fairness and public confidence in, the procurement process; repeal and replace the Zambia National Tender Board Act, 1982; and provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

On SMEs and Local Content Inclusion in Countries’ PPP Legislations: 

The Act provides that open national bidding and selection shall be limited to citizens and local bidders while in open international bidding and selection, foreign bidders shall partner with Zambia citizens or supplier. In addition, margin of preference may be granted to a bidder in consideration of policies pertaining to citizen or local suppliers/industries or SMEs.

Zambia Public Procurement Act, 2008 (art.26&28&63) Art.26&28 Participation in open national bidding and selection shall be limited to citizen and local bidders. A foreign bidder shall partner with a citizen or local supplier or bidder in open international bidding and selection Art.63 A procuring entity may … (a) grant a margin of preference for the benefit of bids by a target group offering goods, works or services manufactured or performed by the target group, [for which] any preference or reservation scheme shall be determined in accordance with Government economic and social policies and may include – (a) citizen or local suppliers; (b) goods, works or services manufactured in or provided from Zambia or a particular region or performed by Zambians or persons from a particular region; (c) Zambian suppliers in a particular industry or economic sector; (d) small and medium-sized enterprises;…

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