Title: ToRs for Power Sector Regulation - Technical Assistance - Utility Consulting Firm and Legal Advisor

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Sectors: Energy and Power

Keywords: Sector, Procurement, Legal issues, Sample drafting, Sample wording, Privatization, Regulator


ToR for Power Sector Regulation bytes

Document Summary:

The two related objectives of this assignment are to establish a regulatory framework for the electricity sector and to design a sustainable and efficient tariff schedule. To support this objective, the consultant is expected to provide training to local counterparts, allowing them to develop the skills required to assist the future regulator and to share their experience on further power sector reform initiatives throughout the region.

Document Details:

By allowing the private sector to invest in and manage the electric utility, the Department of Energy expects to increase the availability of affordable electricity to the domestic and industrial consumers of Acadia. Reliable access to electricity in turn will lead to increased opportunities for economic development, job creation, and poverty alleviation. 

Updated: October 25, 2021