Title: Singapore's nationwide parcel locker network launched

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Published: April 30, 2021

Region: South Asia

Country: Singapore

Keywords: Innovative Revenues for Infrastructure, Municipal

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IMDA has announced the launch of a nationwide parcel locker network in Singapore aimed at enhancing last-mile delivery efficiency and improving customer convenience.

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Singapore launched its nationwide parcel locker network (Network), operated by Pick Network Pte Ltd (Pick) today. The Network provides consumers with greater convenience while enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the urban logistics sector amidst the e-commerce boom.

The Network, launched by Minister for Communications and Information Mr S Iswaran, at West Coast Community Centre, is one of the world’s first open-access nationwide locker networks. It will progressively be available for use by all logistics service providers (LSPs), e-commerce marketplaces, and their customers. This will complement existing doorstep deliveries and expand the options provided to consumers for receiving and returning their purchases, while improving fulfilment reliability and delivery productivity of e-commerce marketplaces and LSPs.

Updated: August 8, 2023