Title: Public-Private Partnerships: Principles of Policy and Finance

Language: English

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Nature: Report

Published: January 1, 2007

Region: Global

Country: Global-World

Topic: PPP Reference Guide

Keywords: About PPP, Knowledge Lab, PPP Cycle, PPP Reference Guide, Online Guide, PPP Basics, Financing, Due diligence

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This book reviews the general policy issues which arise for the public sector in considering whether to adopt the PPP procurement route, and the specific application of this policy approach in PPP contracts. This book also offers a systematic and integrated approach to financing PPPs within this public-policy framework. A section on due diligence can be found in Section 6.5. Author: E. R. Yescombe

Chapter 1: “What are Public-Private Partnerships” describes the range of PPP structures and how these are classified.

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Yescombe, E.R. 2007. Public-Private Partnerships: Principles of Policy and Finance. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. [#2258]

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