Title: PPP Unit Oman

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Published: March 29, 2022

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Denmark

Topic: Legal Framework, PPP Unit

Keywords: Legal Framework, PPP Regulation, PPP Law, PPP unit

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The Establishment of the Public Authority for Privatisation and Partnership (the PAPP) and the Issuance of its Regulation, promulgated by Sultani Decree No. 54/2019.

In 2020 all the functions of the PPP unit was transferred to the country’s Ministry of Finance.

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The Law of Partnership between Public and Private Sectors, promulgated by Sultani Decree No. 52/2019 (the PPP Law)

The Implementing Regulations of the PPP Law, promulgated by the PAPP’s Decision No. 3/2020 (the PPP Regulations)

Updated: March 29, 2022