Title: OECD Principles for Public Governance of PPPs

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Published: March 30, 2022

Region: Global

Country: Global-World

Topic: Tools

Keywords: PPP Framework

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his tool provides concrete guidance to policy makers on how to make sure that PPPs represent value for money for the public sector. They provide guidance on when a PPP is relevant (e.g. not for projects with rapidly changing technology such as IT, but possibly for well known generic technology such as roads) and focus on how you need to get public sector areas aligned for this to work.

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The 12 Principles are focused around 3 objectives:

  • Establish a clear, predictable and legitimate institutional framework supported by competent and well-resourced authorities.
  • Ground the selection of Public-Private Partnerships in value for money.
  • Use the budgetary process transparently to minimise fiscal risks and ensure the integrity of the procurement process.

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Updated: March 30, 2022