Title: OECD Basic Elements of a Law on Concession Agreements

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This Guide provided a point of departure for the preparation of the Basic Elements presented here, together with actual laws on concession agreements and pertinent EC legislation. The Basic Elements are couched in the form of legal provisions that could be found in relevant actual laws. While not purporting to qualify as a model law, the Basic Elements are meant to:

- provide a source on which countries might draw in shaping their laws on the subject
- offer a point of reference for the negotiation of actual concession agreements;
- suggest solutions to some typical problems arising in the negotiation of concession agreements;
- establish a basis for co-ordinating advice to transition economies on legal issues related to concession agreements;
- help improve the harmonisation of concession agreement legislation with pertinent international standards and best practices; and

- promote a common approach and terminology with respect to concession agreements.

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Updated: March 28, 2021