Title: IFC Advisory Services in PPPs : SmartLessons Lessons from Our Work in Infrastructure, Health and Education

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Published: May 5, 2022

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Keywords: PPP Cycle, PPP Reference Guide, Online Guide, PPP Basics


Document Summary:

This publication highlights some of IFC's PPP experience and lessons learned in working on more than 277 projects in 88 countries over 21 years. Includes lessons in power, water, transport, and health and education. 

Mission Difficult, but Not Impossible… Making Public-Private Partnerships Work for the Poor - Robert Taylor
The Value of the “Value for Money” Approach When There’s No Money - Juan Luis Flores
Delivering the Goods: Multi-Donor Approaches to Project Development and Funding - John Hodges
Bringing Reliable Electricity to Rural Areas of the Philippines - William Trant Beloe, Art Cariaga, Marianna Fernando-Pacua and Jed A. Sevilla
Five Keys to Powering Up a Private-Sector Participation Transaction: The Albanian Experience - Ariana Progri
Ashta Hydropower: Turning a Doubtful Concept into a Technological Trailblazer - Martin Sobek
A First for IFC! Desalination Project at King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Muneer Ferozie
Never Test the Depth of the Water with Both Feet—Lessons from the Sinking of the Bangalore Water Project - Neeraj Gupta and Neha Mehra
Scaling Up Rural Water Supply Service in Benin: A Programmatic Approach and Budget Support - Sylvestre Bea, Claude Leroy-Themeze and Christophe Prevost
Dare to Fail—Counterintuitive Lessons from Mergers and Acquisitions Experience in the Airline Sector - James Morley
Breaking New Ground: Lesotho Hospital Public-Private Partnership—A Model for Integrated Health Services Delivery - Carla Faustino Coelho and Catherine O’Farrell
Reappraisal of the Private Schools Support Programs in Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda  - Brigid Amoako and Jane Onoka

Document Details:

IFC. 2010. Lessons from Our Work in Infrastructure, Health and Education. IFC Smart Lessons. Washington, DC: International Finance Corporation, Advisory Services in Public-Private Partnerships. [#2031]

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Updated: June 27, 2022