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China's Circular Economy Promotion Law came into force  in January 2009 (the word "circular" in the title is essentially synonymous with 'sustainable').  The Law is formulated for the purpose of facilitating circular economy, raising resources utilization rate, protecting and improving environment and realizing sustained development.

The Circular Economy is the general term for the activities of decrement, recycling and resource recovery in production, circulation and consumption:
- Decrement herein means the reduction of the resource consumption and waste generation in production, circulation and consumption;
- Recycling herein means the direct use of wastes as products, or the use of wastes as 
products after repair, renovation or reproduction of them, or the use of wastes, wholly 
or partly, as parts of other products;
- Resource recovery herein means the direct use of wastes as raw material, or waste 

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Ref: China Circular Economy Promotion Law

Updated: August 25, 2020