Cambodia: Law on Expropriation

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Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Article 1: 
This law aims to define an expropriation in the Kingdom of Cambodia by defining the principles, mechanisms, and procedures of expropriation, and defining fair and just compensation for any construction, rehabilitation, and public physical infrastructure expansion project for the public and national interests and development of Cambodia.
Article 2:
This law primarily aims to: 
- Ensure just and fair deprivation of legal rights to private property,
- Ensure a fair and just compensation in advance, 
- Serve the national and public interest, and 
- Develop public physical infrastructures. 
Article 3: 
This law shall be applied to expropriations involving public physical infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia. 
This law does not govern any issues on expropriation in any agreement or memorandum on supporting investment between the Royal Government of Cambodia and partner countries. In case there is no such agreement or in case the agreement or the memorandum does not deal with expropriation, any expropriation shall be governed by this law.
Article 4:
Key terms used in this law are:
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