Legal Framework for / and Examples of Empresas Mixtas

Empresas mixtas is a type of legal entity that gets financial funding from a private company as well as a government –at a country, city or municipal level, hence a mix enterprise.  


Below is a list of laws that present the legal framework for “empresas mixtas” in several countries in Latin America. These laws undertake the sectors of water, energy, transportation, clean technology and telecommunications. This page also includes additional information such as studies and analysis of the general legal framework.





  • Legal Framework:
    Brazilian Constitution: "Sociedades de Economia Mista" financial fiscalization articles 70, and 71, II, creation by law article 37, XIX, legal framework article 173, § 1º, creation of subsidiary enterprise article 37, XX, infrastructure and provision service concessions article 22, XXVII,
    Decreto-lei 200/67
    Lei 6.404/76
  • Water and Sanitation Enterprises information:
    Official Diary: This link contains administrative acts related to the provision of water services such as summaries of water and sanitation contracts




Costa Rica

  • Legal Framework:
    Costa Rica does not have specific legal Framework related to "Empresas Mixtas". However, they have laws that authorize this kind of regime for specific enterprises such as: Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses, Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleos y Radiográfica Nacional. Costa Rica does not have a "Empresas Mixtas" regime for water and sanitation sector.

El Salvador







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