Senken is launching the world’s first public sale of carbon forward tokens

Carbon forward contracts are a way for investors to pre-fund climate action. They’re bespoke agreements between investors and project developers, where the project developer commits to delivering carbon credits to the buyer at a pre-defined price and time in the future. The funds from the issuance of these forwards then help project developers cover their overhead costs. In return, investors can access future high-quality supply at a discount from the market rates of comparable projects.

Putting the Pieces Together for Good Governance of REDD+

This working paper presents positive trends and overarching gaps in how countries designing programs to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) are proposing to address governance challenges. It can serve as a starting point to help governments, donors, and civil society groups identify where additional analysis, financial support, and capacity-building are needed to build effective REDD+ strategies, systems, and institutions.

Comparative Analysis of Benefit-Sharing Mechanisms in REDD+ Programs

The concept of REDD+ was included in UNFCCC negotiations for the first time in 2005 in COP 11. The experience with processes of payments linked to REDD+ results is still limited and heterogeneous. However, it is possible to extract key lessons from the existing initiatives. The benefits distributed through different REDD+ initiatives vary and have reached different stakeholders through different channels. Hence, the extent of uptake and the impacts of shared benefits in each case are also different.

Compliance Carbon Markets Final Report

The report includes a total of twelve recommendations relating to primary market functioning, transparency and predictability of primary market decisions; market structures for primary markets, covering allowance allocation mechanisms, market stability mechanisms and primary market access; and secondary market functioning, with particular focus on market integrity, transparency and structure.