Terms of Reference: Technical Due Diligence Wind Power Project

I. Project Background

1.1 The [Lender](“LENDER”) is considering providing limited recourse long term financing for the development, construction and operation of a 65 MW wind farm (the “Project”).

1.2 The Project is been developed by [*] (the “Sponsor”) which has established a special purpose company (“Project Company”) for the sole purpose of owning and operating the Project.

Lista de comprobación y ejemplo de redacción para el periodo de referencia

En los proyectos de infraestructura que involucran activos o servicios públicos preexistentes, los datos suministrados antes del comienzo del contrato suelen ser inexactos, lo que genera inexactitudes en los supuestos de los modelos financieros y los estándares de desempeño. La presente nota analiza el problema y proporciona en ejemplo de redacción para un período inicial de referencia al comienzo de un contrato

Infrastructure Procurement: Deliver Long-Term Value

Publication Year

"Infrastructure procurement: delivering long-term value" published alongside Budget 2008 sets out the next steps the Government is taking to secure value for money in its procurement of significant assets and long-term service provision. It recognises the evolving needs of the public sector and changing approaches to complex procurement, many building on experience of the Private Finance Initiative. It outlines a framework for infrastructure procurement designed to drive value for money across the full range of procurement approaches and ensure the effective scrutiny of key projects.