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1. What is PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center?

The PPPLRC provides easy access to an array of sample legal materials which can assist in the commercial and legal structuring of any public-private partnership infrastructure project.

With the legal framework in place, the PPPLRC then provides materials through the broad spectrum of PPP agreements: summarized and annotated sample agreements, PPP legislation, and materials by sector, region, document type and language.





2. A Quick Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships

What is a public-private partnership? Broadly, PPP refers to arrangements, typically medium to long term, between the public and private sectors whereby part of the services or works that fall under the responsibilities of the public sector are provided by the private sector, with clear agreement on shared objectives for delivery of public infrastructure and/ or public services.

The range of arrangements that are typically classed as PPP projects are illustrated and described in more detail under PPP Arrangements and Types of Public Private Partnership Agreements.

Last Updated : Mon,2018-08-20