PPPLRC Training and Conferences around the World


The PPPLRC staff travels around the world providing training to governemnt officials and other organizations interested in public-private partnerships, as well as participating as featured speakers in conferences or related events. 

In this page you will find past presentations and trainings performed or organized by PPPLRC. All material belongs to the World Bank. Please link to this page if you would like to share this material in your site. 

Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Contract Management and Regulation by Victoria Rigby Delmon

Senegal, Dakar - June, 2012

A presentation on contract management and regulations on PPPs in water by Victoria Delmon, Senior Counsel of the World Bank.
Learn what model of regulatory framework is appropriate for PPPs; what is a contract management; what is scope of Regulator's powers and what are the source of these powers? How much discretion should Regulator have? What recourse is there against Regulatory Decisions?


Law Justice and Development Week 2012: Legal and Enabling Environment for PPPs

Washington, DC - December, 2012

As part of the World Bank's Law, Justice and Development Week 2012, PPPLRC co-organized a couple of session on public-private partnerships. The first session discussed the enabling legal environment required for an adequate implementation of PPPs capable of ensuring equitable access to public utilities.
The second session focused on case-studies on the legal solutions that have been followed to achieve the financing of infrastructure in challenging conditions, promote coordination amongst multilateral and bilateral agencies, and address issues throughout the life of certain projects.

Session 1: Enabling Legal Environment  


Session 2: Case Studies on Legal Solutions for Structuring PPPs

Law and Justice Development Week 2013: PPP Day

Washington D.C, 19 November 2013


As part of the World Bank Group's Law, Justice and Development Week 2013 a “Public-Private Partnership Day” was held on November 19, 2013. Featuring three consecutive sessions on currently debated legal and policy aspects of PPPs, this event brought together not only senior officials from the World Bank Group and other international financial institutions, but also government officials as well as PPP, construction management and dispute resolution specialists and practitioners from all over the world.


Highlighting Session 3 : The Use of Dispute Boards in PPP Transactions 

PPPs being complex projects, in addition to the conventional construction and operational commercial and political disputes that arise, there is often an asymmetry of capacity and knowledge between the public and private parties, which can give rise to conflicts. In response to this challenge, the use of Dispute Boards is considered. This session brought together international experts in dispute boards – and representatives from the World Bank Group – to share their experiences and shed light on how Dispute Boards can make PPP projects more sustainable. Guest speakers included Dr Cyril Chern, Giovanni Difolco and Kurt Dettman, all world renowned experts in this area.




  • Mark MoseleyLead Counsel, World Bank Global Center for Infrastructure Finance, Singapore
  • Patricia Sulser, Chief Counsel, Legal – Global Infrastructure, International Finance Corporation




Dr. Cyril Chern, Secretary of the Dispute Board Federation (DBF) and Barrister, Crown Office Chambers, London "Dispute Board Foundation: Dispute Boards in Practice" (link to speaker bio and presentation slides) 

Giovanni Di Folco, President and Senior Partner of Techno Engineering & Associates, Doha and Bucharest (link to speaker bio and video)

Kurt DettmanPresident-Elect of Region 1 of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) and Principal, Constructive Dispute Resolutions, Hingham, Massachusetts "Dispute Resolution Board Foundation: Dispute Boards and Public Private Partnerships" (link to speaker bio and presentation slides)


Q&A Panel Discussion:

Panel Discussion: Use of Dispute Boards in PPP Transactions from PPPLRC on Vimeo.

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