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California - Toll Road Law of 10 July 1989 

This bill would authorize the department to enter into agreements with private entities for the construction by, and lease to, private entities of 4 transportation demonstration projects, including at least one in northern California and one in southern California. The bill would authorize the department to lease rights-of-way in, and airspace over or under, state highways, to grant necessary easements, and to issue permits or other authorizations to enable private entities to construct transportation facilities supplemental to existing state-owned transportation facilities, and to lease those facilities to the private entities for up to 35 years. The privately constructed facilities would at all times be state owned. The bill would authorize those agreements to contain provisions authorizing the private entity to charge tolls for the use of the privately constructed facilities, and would require the agreements to provide for reversion of the facilities to the state at the expiration of the lease.

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