Title: Transforming Telecoms in Afghanistan: Expanding Affordable Access by Introducing Competition

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Report

Published: May 1, 2010

Region: South Asia (SA)

Country: Afghanistan

Sector: Telecom and ICT

Keywords: Knowledge Lab ***, Telecom and ICT

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Document Summary:

PPIAF’s technical assistance facilitated the strengthening of the telecommunications regulatory unit within the Ministry of Communications.

Document Details:

Afghanistan has transformed its telecommunications from a fragmentedsystem serving few people to a modern one putting Afghans in touch with one another and with the global economy—all in just a few years. After the war in 2002 there were only 2 telephones for every 1,000 Afghans, and communicating between provinces was almost impossible, even for the government.

Recognizing that telecommunications would be critical to rebuilding the country, the government made developing the sector a high priority. It took early steps to promote private entry, focusing on getting the policy and regulatory framework right. Its efforts appear to have paid off.

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