Title: Tamil Nadu - Bus Shelter on a BOT basis - Sample Concession Agreement

Languages: English

Type: Document

Published: January 1, 2014

Region: East Asia and Pacific (EAP)

Country: India

Sectors: Transportation

Keywords: Contractual Provisions


Document Details:

Draft concession agreement with RFP

Parties - IT Expressway Limited (ITEL) and concessionaire

Duration - 9 years (including 9 month construction period)

Project site - bus shelter locations - possession granted by ITEL to concessionaire

Concessionaire to dismantle existing structures and design, build, operate and maintain new bus shelters as specified locations. Design to be reviewed and approved by the Engineer-in-charge (representative of ITEL) who will also inspect works.

Concessionaire entitled to keep revenune from advertising space on permitted locations on the bus shelters.

Concessionaire to pay concession fee to ITEL.

Concessionaire to maintain insurances.

Dispute resolution - Arbitration - Chennai

Clear, well drafted and concise document - good for municipal level PPP

Updated: March 27, 2021