Title: Public-Private Partnership Handbook (ADB)

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Published: January 1, 2008

Region: Global

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Keywords: PPP Cycle, PPP Reference Guide, Online Guide

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This Public–Private Partnership (PPP) Handbook is designed for the staff of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and its developing member countries’ clients. It provides an overview of the role, design, structure, and execution of PPPs for infrastructure development. With inputs from policy and transaction specialists, this handbook addresses a range of matters associated with PPPs, from policy considerations to implementation issues.

Each of the 10 chapters focuses on a specific area of information about PPPs:

  • Chapter 1: introduces and defines PPPs and their context within infrastructure and development finance.
  • Chapter 2: gives examples of evolving PPP experience within various infrastructure sectors.
  • Chapter 3: describes the activities required to diagnose and plan for a PPP.
  • Chapter 4: provides an overview of the major types of PPP from management and service contracts to concessions and build–operate–transfer arrangements.
  • Chapter 5: examines the issues associated with choosing the appropriate PPP structure for a project.
  • Chapter 6: describes key tasks associated with designing and preparing a PPP project that will attract bidders.
  • Chapter 7: covers the implementation of a PPP including bidder involvement and selection, the procurement process, due diligence, and contracting.
  • Chapter 8: relates “pro-poor growth” criteria to PPP design and implementation.
  • Chapter 9: highlights the monitoring and evaluation requirements of PPP projects.
  • Chapter 10: includes additional resources for PPP practitioners including access points for information on PPP policy, design, and implementation issues.

This handbook is meant as an introduction or primer to the design and execution of PPP strategies and projects in the context of development finance.

Document Details:

ADB. 2008. Public-Private Partnership Handbook. Manila: Asian Development Bank. [#2268]


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