Title: PPP Project Preparation Status Tool

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Published: February 23, 2022

Region: Global

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Topic: Legal Framework

Keywords: Knowledge Lab, Preparation

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The official website of the European PPP Expertise Centre

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The PPP Project Preparation Status Tool has been developed by EPEC, one of EIB’s Advisory Services, in response to the need to improve the preparation of PPP projects. The Tool aims to assess the preparation status of a given PPP project and its readiness for the public tender process. The Tool has been developed with reference to a typical good-practice PPP project development process. It analyzes the answers to a structured questionnaire that are provided by the public authority responsible for developing the project. The Tool’s main purpose is to serve as a self-check to help the public authority identify potential areas of weakness in the preparation of a PPP project and therefore enable the public authority to focus on those areas that may require further preparation prior to launching a public tender. The tool may also help to develop a structured approach to managing the PPP project preparation process itself.

The typical project preparation process used to frame the questionnaire ranges from the early identification of the investment to the launch of the tender process for the project using a PPP. The Tool has been designed to be generic enough to be applied to a broad range of projects (e.g. size, sectors and countries). It is important to bear in mind that the Tool is not intended to assess the quality of the project itself.

The PPP Project Preparation Status Tool was originally developed with financial assistance from the Western Balkans Investment Framework and a Croatian language version is also available.

The Tool is optimized for the 2010 version of Microsoft Excel. To use the Tool, download the file on to your computer, enable the use of macros and follow the instructions provided on the first and second pages of the Tool. Please note that EPEC expects to make changes to the Tool over time. To ensure you have the latest version, you are advised to download the tool each time you use it.

Updated: March 8, 2022