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Published: May 30, 2022

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PPIAF funding focuses on supporting countries and regions with the greatest need; lower-income countries and fragile and conflict-affected states. PPIAF also supports selected priority middle-income countries since they provide transferable lessons to lower-income countries. PPIAF also supports the creation of knowledge products. The objective of the Sub-national technical assistance program is to help sub-national entities develop their capacity to access market-based financing without sovereign guarantees to improve infrastructure services. The program provides technical assistance activities such as capacity building designed to improve the credit worthiness of sub-national entities and their investment projects, as measured by appropriate local credit ratings and/or actual access to financing. Such capacity building is expected to produce improved financial management, strengthened governance and human resource capacity, as well as improved investment planning and project preparation.

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PPIAF-Work. Accessed March 9, 2017. “Our Work.” Public- Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility. Website. [#4421]

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