Title: Mainstreaming the Approach to Disruptive and Transformative Technologies at the World Bank Group

Language: English

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Nature: Report

Published: March 20, 2019

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Keywords: Disruption and PPPs **

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This paper provides an update on the five corporate priorities identified in the earlier paper. It also details how the WBG is adopting a programmatic approach across regions and sectors and scaling up partnerships with the private sector as a key driver of innovation and disruption.

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Executive summary:

  • The World Bank Group is mainstreaming the approach to disruptive technologies endorsed in the 2018 Development Committee Paper, “Disruptive Technologies and the World Bank Group: Creating Opportunities—Mitigating Risks.”
  • To mainstream the approach, the WBG is pursuing the five corporate priorities identified using the Build-Boost-Broker framework and implementing sectoral and regional programs.
  • Corporate Priority One: The WBG is supporting country diagnostics to help countries maximize the opportunities and mitigate the risks posed by disruptive technologies.
  • Corporate Priority Two: The WBG is supporting the formulation and implementation of agile regulations that promote innovation and mobilize the private sector while addressing risks associated with technological disruptions of sectors and markets.
  • Corporate Priority Three: The WBG is prioritizing support for universal and affordable digital connectivity.
  • Corporate Priority Four: The WBG is supporting the provision of transparent, efficient, and accountable digital government services through a new GovTech global initiative.
  • Corporate Priority Five: The WBG is supporting investment in human capital to develop skills and capabilities for the new economy.
  • The WBG is developing sectoral and regional programs that leverage the five corporate priorities.
  • The Digital Economy for Africa Moonshot is a flagship regional program to digitally enable every African person, business, and government by 2030 through coordinated action with the African Union and private partners.
  • To help client countries adapt to the rapid pace of technological change, the WBG is upgrading its internal capabilities and agility.
  • Shareholder support is needed to succeed in programs such as the Digital Economy for Africa Moonshot and the GovTech initiative.

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