Title: Innovative Revenues for Infrastructure (Download PDF version) - Coming soon!

Language: English

Type: Other Publications

Nature: Guidelines

Published: August 20, 2023

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Topic: Innovative Revenues for Infrastructure Guidelines (IRI) *

Keywords: Innovative Revenues for Infrastructure (IRI) **

Document Summary:

The Guidelines for applying Commercial Value Capture (CVC) in infrastructure projects have been designed to help and guide planning agencies and Project Owners in analysing key parameters to apply CVC across a portfolio of projects or in individual projects.

The Guidelines can be used in a flexible manner for both program-level assessment and project-level assessment as different parts of governments may have different focus on CVC. 


Document Details:

The Guidelines include six key steps as follows: 

1.     Identifying potential CVC for projects

2.     Assessing reading of enabling environment to support CVC

3.     Adding CVC in project design

4.     Assessing commercial feasibility of CVC 

5.     Planning for implementation 

6.     Managing risks


Updated: October 1, 2023