Title: Engineering Services Agreement for Design and Construction Inspection, Delaware, USA

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Sectors: Municipal Solid Waste

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The project encompasses the AUTHORITY‘s plans to design, construct, and operate a new landfill disposal area (approximately twenty-four (24) acres in size) at the Southern Solid Waste Management Center (SSWMC) which shall be known as “Cell 3”. The Cell 3 Disposal Area shall overlap and be operated concurrently with the previous disposal area, Cell 2. The Cell 3 Disposal Area shall be divided into independent subcells, each having a separate drainage system. The Facility design shall include pertinent environmental, ecological, engineering, and economic considerations for the operation of a sanitary landfill facility (Facility) in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


The site shall be surveyed and its characteristics ascertained and evaluated for sanitary landfill  construction and operation with the necessary design and permit data generated. The Facility shall be designed on a costeffective basis, and in a timely manner. All design work for Cell 3 and other necessary materials required for the Authority to make permit submissions to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and  Environmental Control (DNREC) and other appropriate regulatory agencies. The submission of the 100% draft solid waste permit application to DNREC shall be completed by December 1, 1994.


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Updated: March 23, 2021