Title: Chavimochic Irrigation Project - Peru

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Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Country: Peru

Sectors: Water and Sanitation

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Document Summary:

The 25-year, co-financed, build, operate and transfer (BOT) Chavimochic irrigation concession involves improving irrigation in 78,310ha in the northeastern La Libertad region through the capture and distribution of the Santa river's water.

The water resources will also be used to feed run-of-river power plants with installed capacity of 68.1MW and potable water treatment facilities able to produce around 4m3/s.

Document Details:

The Río Santa consortium, comprised of Odebrecht Participacoes e Investimentos, Constructora Norberto Odebrecht and Graña y Montero, has won the tender to carry out Peru's Chavimochic irrigation project.

The consortium's bid included providing US$373mn in financing, while the government will provide the remaining project financing. In turn, the consortium's proposed yearly charge to the government was the lowest submitted, with Río Santa to receive US$33.2mn/y from the Peruvian government for investing, operating and maintaining the project.

Based on the bid, the project's total investment is now estimated to be US$591mn, which will be confirmed after the technical studies for phase I and II are approved.

Phase I and II of the project have already been carried out, with a total investment of US$1.29bn. Phase III includes constructing a 360Mm3 reservoir in Palo Redondo, a third line of the Virú water pipeline and the 113km Moche-Chicama-Urricape water channel.

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Updated: October 25, 2021