Country Profile: Uruguay

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PPP Unit Uruguay
Corporacion Nacional para el Desarrollo (CND) in Uruguay develop the operational, accounting, and financial management… more
PPP Laws/Concession Laws - Uruguay
Texto Ley 18.786 Decretos reglamentarios no 17/012 del 26 de enero de 2012, 280/012 del 24 de agosto de 2012, 251/015… more
Infrastructure Indicators
Access the World Development Indicators database through the Open Data site and DataBank to post queries, download data… more
PPP Procurement Benchmarking: Benchmarking…
Benchmarking PPP Procurement: Countries The Benchmarking Infrastructure Development 2020 PPP survey covers 140… more
Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI)… See detail on projects, sectors, financial closure and other useful information for countries covered by the PPI… more
GCI Infrastructure Score
The Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020, How Countries are Performing on the Road to Recovery, is… more
Country Profile: Latin America and the Caribbean…
Listed below are Country-level PPP profiles and links to key data and resources in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC… more
Primer Proyecto de Infraestructura Educativa,…
The official website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance provides information in relation to Uruguay's Public-… more
Salida de operadores privados internacionales de…
Amediados de la primera década del nuevo siglo se observa que la mayoría de los operadores internacionales se han… more
Tender Document and Model PPA: 2010 Wind Power…
English: The following documents were published on the website of UTE in the period which was open tendering to direct… more
PPP Investment Opportunities in Uruguay
Uruguay opens the third phase of calls to expand the educational infrastructure. The presentation period began on… more

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