Title: Resource Book on PPP Studies

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Region: East Asia and Pacific

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Keywords: Contractual Provisions


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The application of Public – Private Partnership (PPP) principles has grown over recent years as the advantages of blending private sector resources and skills with the public ones has become evident. It has also become clear the PPP architectures are complex and such projects require a detailed understanding of their design and implementation features.


PPPs have become accepted as a complementary implementation tool. Indeed the European Commission has undertaken many efforts recently to assist in the definition of PPP and to guide their application in the respect of the provisions of the Treaties.

While the European Commission does not advocate the use of any particular implementation method, the substantial need for investment in infrastructure in the Union does require the harnessing of all viable investment methods. In this context the European Commission and in particular the Directorate General for Regional Policy has undertaken an information and awareness raising effort on the values and risks of the PPP approach.



Ref: Resource Book on PPP Studies

Updated: August 25, 2020