Guidelines for Implementing Asset Recycling Transactions (Download PDF version) - Now Available!

This document provides a set of step-by-step guidelines (the Guidelines) for relevant authorities to monetize existing assets by recycling them through long-term concession or lease arrangements. The development of the Guidelines has been informed by best practices gleaned from programs implemented by various countries.  

The Guidelines are structured as follows: 

Utilization of Proceeds in Asset Recycling

Options for utilization proceeds

The government entities may consider the following for utilization of proceeds from asset recycling:

  • Re-investment of proceeds in greenfield assets.

  • Re-payment of existing debt relating to the asset that is the subject of the asset recycling transaction (this would usually be a pre-condition of the lenders, unless the current lenders agree to continue their exposure to the project even after the private party takes over operations and maintenance of the project).