Public Works at Work

Two decades of insurgency, instability, and conflict led to high rates of poverty in northern Uganda. By 2005, a measure of peace and stability had returned to the region, allowing for the demobilization and reintegration of former combatants and other war-affected populations.

In Sri Lanka, a cash-for-work program initially established to resettle 100,000 returnees following internal conflict actually assisted more than 250,000 returnees and quickly evolved into one of the largest sources of employment in the Northern Province.

Handshake Issue #9: Reconstruction & PPPs

Handshake Issue #9: Reconstruction focuses on post-conflict countries. It shows how private-sector participation and public-private partnerships can help create economic opportunity and reduce the risk of resurgent conflict It includes key topics such as investment climate, infrastructure and social reintegration; and features interviews with Anke Hoeffler from the Center for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University and Melanne Verveer former US Ambassador at large for Global Women's Issues.